3269 S. State Hwy 101
Bridgeport, TX
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Come see our full line of organic and traditional products!

Let us help you achieve your gardening and landscaping goals!

With over 15 years experience in lawn and garden care, we can help you fertilize, feed, and grow anything you can plant.

Located locally in Bridgeport, Texas, we know the issues with our soil, insects, weeds, and climate.

We have fertilizers and naturally beneficial insects you can use to help your garden achieve it's full potential.

From seeds to saplings, we want to be your source for gardening and growing supplies.

We have trees for every yard.  From Live Oak to Pine, we can accent your landscape perfectly.

We offer "Baccto" and "Ferti-Lome" potting soil to help you get started in the garden.  In combination with our line of plant food, both organic and traditional, we can help you grow those prize vegetables and flowers!

Give your home more curb appeal with a fresh lineup of shrubs and trees!

Got fire ants?  We have what you need to combat them!

We also carry a large selection of Seeds so you can start those prize-winning pumpkins or next spring!

Need to keep your song-birds happy this winter?  We have the birdseed and feed to keep them fat and sassy year round!

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